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Northern Star Lodge Photo tour
If you found trouble getting around in Furano/ Biei area due to the lack of public transportation system, join our photo tour! We will drive you to sightseeing spots in Biei and Furano and take your memorial pictures with beautiful scenery. We will copy the data onto a flash drive.(You can keep it!)
  Price    30,000 yen (max 5 people, tax included, lunch fee is not included)
  Tour time    9:00am to 2:00pm (1 hour for lunch)

This photo tour is available for our guests only.

● Biei hill hopping tour
Photo points are freely set according to your request to visit;
Points are such as Shikisai no oka, Shinei no oka, Farms Chiyoda, Blue pond, Shirahige falls, Seven-stars tree, Ken and Mary tree, etc.

● Furano hopping Tour
There is a lots of sightseeing spots in Furano town. We bring you to Sweets shop Roccatei, Wine factory, Cheese factory, Anpanman shop, Jam cfactory, Glass factory, Frano marche etc.

● Ski Movie Tour (snow season)
We take movie at the ski resorts area such as Kamui Ski Links, Tomamu, and Furano. Shooting for back country skiing is only available when you have a mountain/ski guide.