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Northern Star Lodge
071-0705  West-1 North-7 Nakafurano sorachigun Hokkaido
Mail =
☎ +81-167-44-2081/kato

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Northern Star Lodge is located at the top of Hokusei-yama in Nakafurano Town. Great view, fresh air and nice atmosphere. When the air is clear, you will see numerous stars as well as shooting stars from our wood deck. You will feel closer to the universe.
There are 4 rooms in the lodge. Two twin rooms, Two triple room(with loft room). All rooms are western style with washstands. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning. 
・In order to keep the fregrance of natural wood, we ask all guests for no smoking and no perfumes inside of our lodge.
・Please walk barefoot inside the lodge. If you absolutely need slippers, we offer disposable ones. Please request them. Kindly refrain from using personal slippers brought from outside.

ROOM RATES *10% tax included.
Regular season
Just stay (no meals) 8,800yen(Child 7,200yen)
with breakfast 10,000yen(Child 8,400yen)
with dinner & breakfast 13,800yen(Child 11,200yen)
Infant (0〜3 years old)=4,100yen

High season
Summer(June 20 〜Aug 31), Winter(Dec 20 〜 Feb 29)
Just stay (no meals) 9,800yen(Child 8,200yen)
with breakfast 11,000yen(Child 9,400yen)
with dinner & breakfast 14,800yen(Child 12,200yen)
Infant (0〜3years old)=4,100yen

Adult fee (over 10years old), Child fee(4yeas old to 9 years old), Infant (0 〜 3years old).
We don't provide dinner and breakfast for under 3 years old. Just soup and rice can provide.Please share your meals and bed too. We have a baby bed. Please ask us. It is 1000yen (per/day).
We don't have single room. So we can't accept single use.Thank you for understanding.
We can accept credi card. (VISA, Master Card, American Express)

befor 14days 30%
befor 3days 50%
befor one day 70%
no show 100%

Two toilets with the latest bidet are placed at each ladies and mens restrooms. It is Shared. There is no restrooms in each guest rooms. 

BATHROOM (Japanese style bath)
The family bath with high ceilings and the Italian tile.
We ask you to reserve the time for using bath room when you check in.
There are two showers in the bath room.Please ensure to wash your body befor entering,as it is a Japanese-style bathetub.
Water in the bathtub is not circulated, so it needs to be replaced every day. There is no worry about chlorine smell and legionella.
※ Bath Room is available between 17: 00 to 22:00. After 22:30, the bath room will be closed due to cleaning. You can use shower in the morning from 6:00am. No need to reserve.

Face towel, Bath towel, Tooth brush, Hair dryer are equipped in each room.
When you intend to stay several days, please reuse your towel due to our ecology policy.
Please bring your own pajamas.

If you come to Nakafurano via public transportation,we can pick you up at Nakafurano station. Pic up service is two times. ( 16:35pm 17:35pm).
Please let us know your arrival time by e-mail E-mail: no later than several days before you arrive.

Check in 16:00pm
Check out 10:00am
Dinner 19:00pm
Breakfast 8:00am
Lights out time 23:00pm


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We have newly built a log cottage in 2015. This cottage accommodates maximum of 5 people. It is just one room with loft.Toilet, shower room and Air conditioning are completed.
If your group consists of 4 to 5 people and prefer to stay altogether, we recommend you reserve the cottage. We can accept your reservation more than 4 people use. The fee is the same as the lodge fee, but an additional charge applies for groups of fewer than three people (If used by three people, the additional fee is 5,000yen; it used by two people, it is 10,000yen).
We recommend cottage usage for elderly individuals, those who require nearby restroom facilities, and families with young children who wish to enjoy their stay without hesitation.

It is the same as the rate of the lodge.


A combination of Japanese and European style cuisine, using mostly fresh local organic products.We aim to prepare dishes with a balanced mix of meat, vegetables,and fish for your enjoyment.
If you require allergy accmmodations,please provide details in the reservation form. We regret to inform you that we do not offer vegan dishes at the moment. We can provide limited vegetarian options upon request.
BBQ are available from more than 4 persons order. Please ask us when you make a reservation.

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Would you like Bio wine?
70% of the wine to sell in our lodge is naturalism wine. It is also called Bio wine. A strict definition is made to Bio wine. Bio wine is raised by the organic farming that a chemical fertilizer is not used in and controls antioxidants as much as possible in the brewing process. Bio wine is no supplementary sugar, no filtration, just to use nature yeast attaching the grape, unfiltered, uncolored etc. Please taste passion of the producer with the dinner of the lodge.

We mainly offer you Sapporo Classic Beer, Japanese Sake and Whisky and Local Wine.
We ask you to excuse bringing and drinking your own bottles of alcohol at dinner time.

Japanese style breakfast will be served. It is all home made side dishes, the hightest grade Hokkaido rice which is Nanatsuboshi. We want to serve you low fat healthy menu in the morning.

BBQ menu
You can enjoy BBQ on the outdoor terrace with good view. Fishery products, meat, vegetables will be served. BBQ is limited to the group more than four people. Please fill out a form at the time of a reservation if you want to do BBQ.
When strong winds and heavy rain, please note that we will switch to a usual dinner menu by our judgment. A carry-on of ingredients is prohibition.
BBQ price is same with usual dinner. Just we ask you 300yen/person for BBQ facility charge.

Rental & Tour

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Rental Bicycle
New 7 electric bucycle

【クロス e-bike】 
MIYATA CRUISE i 6180 ミヤタクルーズ i 6180
ドライブユニット: SHIMANO STEPS DU-E6180
最大トルク: 60Nm バッテリー容量:418Wh
一充電走行距離の目安 ● ECOモード:105km ● NORMALモード:85km ● HIGHモード:70km

【マウンテン e-bike】 
MIYATA RIDGE-RUNNER 6180 ミヤタリッジランナー 6180
ドライブユニット: SHIMANO STEPS DU-E6180
最大トルク: 60Nm バッテリー容量:418Wh
一充電走行距離の目安 ● ECOモード:105km ● NORMALモード:85km ● HIGHモード:70km

●クロス e-bike

2hours 2,000yen
4hours 3,500yen
Every afterward one hour +500yen

●マウンテン e-bike
2hours 2,500yen
4hours 4,000yen
Every afterward one hour +500yen

Cycle guide tour
Tour Price

Tour Price 2 person : 12,000yen 
  3 person : 17,000yen
  4 person : 21,000yen
  5 person : 24,000yen
  6 person : 27,000yen
Tour hours 4 hours

img_2609.jpg img_7497.jpg img_2612.jpg img_2610.jpg 2021-03-09_11.21.55-2-3-2.jpg

We have backcountry skiing gear available!
We have a variety of 25 sets,
primarily focused on Fat skies.
The Furano area known for its world-class powder. There are several ski resorts and backcountry areas spread across that region. Ski trips often involve a lot of luggage, and it’s easy to forget important gear. Our lodge provides the necessary gear. Please make use of it.

SKI ¥4,000 From the second day onward,
there is a 10% discount on the total fee.
POLES ¥1,000
BEACON ¥1,000
PROVE ¥1,000
SHOVEL ¥1,000
SKINS ¥1,000
*We do not handle ski boots

2022-01-26_11.54.49.jpg 2022-01-26_12.20.24.jpg 2022-01-26_13.43.57.jpg 2022-01-26_11.25.19.jpg

Why not try hiking skis tour?
“Hiking Skis” might be an unfamiliar term. Think of hiking skis as a modern version of skis originally created by Nordic hunter to walk on snow. It is short and wide in shape, with skins attached to the sole. These skis allow easy movement on snow, and you can walk and climb on moderate slopes with them. You can use regular snow boots, allowing you to explore fields and mountains with agility. The cost is 6000yen per person, including equipment rental and guide fees with 10% tax. There is no cancellation fee, so please feel free to make a reservation.

Northern Star Lodge Photo tour
If you found trouble getting around in Furano/ Biei area due to the lack of public transportation system, join our photo tour! We will drive you to sightseeing spots in Biei and Furano and take your memorial pictures with beautiful scenery. We will copy the data onto a flash drive.(You can keep it!)

Price 33,000yen (max 5 people, tax included, lunch fee is not included)
Tour time 9:00am to 2:00pm (1 hour for lunch)

This photo tour is available for our guests only.

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Biei hill hopping tour
Photo points are freely set according to your request to visit; Points are such as Shikisai no oka, Shinei no oka, Farms Chiyoda, Blue pond, Shirahige falls, Seven-stars tree, Ken and Mary tree, etc.
Furano hopping Tour
There is a lots of sightseeing spots in Furano town. We bring you to Sweets shop Roccatei, Wine factory, Cheese factory, Anpanman shop, Jam factory, Glass factory, Frano marche etc.